Murakoshi San was born in Aichi Prefecture in Central Honshu, Japan in 1954.  His pathway in ceramic started in 1980 when he studied under Kyoto ceramic artist Umehara Takehira.  With a patient and structured approach to learning, making and firing he established his first kiln in the Kiyomizu ceramic district of Kyoto in 1997.  Living and working in Nagaoka since 2002, his work favours the organic textures and beauty of Shigaraki work, echoing the wondrous mountain ranges of Shiga, the snow, melt streams and lush summer forests and pastures are all evident in his work.  A man not concerned with popular opinion, fads, or slavish tradition, he produces work that is prized by some of the finest restaurants in Tokyo and Kyoto and those cities' finest galleries.  The adulation for his work does not affect his process, ethic or direction.  Murakoshi san is a man who lives through clay, preferring only to make work that he believes in regardless of reaction or opinion and his voice is strong within it.

The gallery came across Murakoshi san in early 2021.  His arresting work so full of energy, fluidity, confidence and honesty.  Having imported a selected piece of his work to truly understand the nature of his work we were overjoyed with the treasure that arrived in his tomabako adorned with equally effervescent calligraphy.  Immediately we knew we had to have Murakoshi San as part of the family of Japanese artists we represent in the UK.  We are delighted to be representing him in Europe and recommend his work without hesitation to our collectors of Japanese ceramics.