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Kazuhiro Fukushima


Noted potter Kazuhiro Fukushima was born near Iga in 1981 in Mie Prefecture. He is the son of well-known Iga potter Fukushima Kiyofumi and his grandfather is the Iga master Sakamoto Rozan. In 2004, he graduated from the Kyoto Prefectural Ceramics Institute and the next year went on to apprentice to the late celebrated potter Ryoji Koie in Gifu Prefecture. In Gifu, he spent a great deal of time learning about Oribe glazes, as well as Shino glazing techniques.

He practiced for several years at a wood fired kiln in California before becoming established as a professional ceramic artist in 2010, building his own anagama kiln in Marubashira, Iga where he still lives and works today. His speciality is the Iga style of ceramics, famous for its earthy texture of clay and glass-looking blue and green glazes. His wood-fired wares range from vases, sake cups, table ware, tea utensils and sculptural pieces.

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