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Harriet Porter


Harriet Porter is a London-based artist specialising in Still Life painting.

She uses this traditional discipline to create contemporary minimal pieces inspired by her fascination with light. Working closely from observation, she creates pared-back compositions of solitary objects emerging from deep shadows or bathed in soft daylight. The objects are sourced from her collection of antique silverware but, rather than depicting the object itself, she focusses on the shapes of tones in her view: these elegant reflective vessels exist simply as part of their surroundings, blending into and defined by - the space around them. She works on several canvasses at a time, gradually building layers of glaze; these subtle gradations of tone create the illusion of slow quiet movement, like a calm river on a still summer's evening.
Porter's preoccupation is informed by her previous career as an art director and stylist. Working in film and photography, she found the camera increasingly frustrating. As a capturing device it became insufficient to describe the wonder with which she perceived the shimmer that constantly caught her eye. She found that painting achieved more accurate results, bypassing unwelcome photographic detail.

Central St Martins, BA Graphic Design 1979 -1982

Porter has sold widely in the UK as well as into private collections in the US, Europe and New Zealand.


2021: Beaux Arts, Bath 'Still' exhibition.

2020: Beaux Arts, Bath - Solo show.
Affordable Art Fair, Battersea

2019: Cameron Contemporary, Brighton.
Beaux Arts, Bath.
The Stratford Gallery, Stratford-on-Avon.
Affordable Art Fair Battersea.
Affordable Art Fair New York

2018: Cameron Contemporary, Brighton.
The Stratford Gallery, Stratford-on Avon.
Jane Newbery Gallery, Dulwich VILLAGE.
Affordable Art Fair, New York.
Fresh Art Fair, Cheltenham.
Affordable Art Fair, Battersea

2017: Cameron Contemporary, Brighton.
Jane Newbery, Dulwich Village.
Affordable Art Fair Battersea

2016: Cameron Contemporary, Brighton.
The Stratford Gallery, Stratford-on-Avon.
Affordable Art Fair, Battersea.

2008-2015: Cameron Contemporary: Black White Light Dark.
Affordable Art Fair, Battersea.
JP Art Gallery, Battersea.
Orso Major Gallery, Waterloo.
Edinburgh Art Fair.
Decorative Antiques and Textiles Fair, Battersea.
Blackheath Contemporary Art Gallery.
The Ice House, Holland Park.
Union Club Soho.
Londonart Gallery, Dulwich.
Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead.
Russell Cotes Museum, Bournemouth.
Discerning Eye Exhibition, Mall Galleries ('08,'09)

Studio Shots