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Nichola Theakston


Born : 1967
Foundation : Leeds Jacob Kramer Foundation Studies
BA ( Hons ) Fine Art : Exeter
MA : Cardiff Faculty of Art and Design

We are delighted to debut the work of supremely talented sculptor Nichola Theakston. Nichola has been a successful ceramic and bronze sculptor for decades and regarded as one of Europe's finest artists working within the animal genre.

All her small edition bronzes are collaboratively cast in Wales using the lost wax technique from an original clay model and patinated by Nichola herself.

Nichola's work is an astonishing manifestation of artistic brilliance and technical ability. Each sculpture silently engages with the viewer with an intensity that is, at times, unexpectedly moving. There is an innate ability in her methods to capture the gentle intelligence of our animal companions, their thoughts and essence Be they familiar in our lives, such as dogs and horses, exotic in nature like Silverbacks and Rhinos or mythical like her works based on Egyptian tomb guardians. In common with each is a very direct sense of the animal's acumen and perception of us, a conversation with us without words. Truly breathtaking.

Studio Shots