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Shigemasa Higashida


Shigemasa Higashida was born in Hiroshima, Japan in 1955. He obtained his undergraduate and postgraduate training in ceramics between 1975 and 1986 at Shimonoseki and Tokyo Universities respectively.

Higashida san has worked and specialised predominately in Shino and Oribe styles during his career and is regarded as a master of those respective disciplines. However, he does also work in Kiseto styles and experiments with Kuro-Oribe. His unique take on ceramics results in work that blends Japanese traditional pottery techniques with contemporary forms.

His elegant ceramics have been extensively exhibited in Japan and internationally, as well as won numerous awards in Japan and the US. His work is also featured in many museum collections.

1955- Born in Kurahashichou, Kure-shi, Hiroshima, Japan.
1978- Graduated from Shimonoseki City University, Faculty of Economics.
1984- Aiming to be a potter.
Admission to Gifu Prefectural Tajimi Technical High School.
1986- Construction of a studio in Koganei-shi, Tokyo.
Working mainly in Shino and Oribe styles.
1991- Selected international round exhibition of Asahi Ceramic Arts Exhibition.
1996- Publish a collection of works "SOSHINTOUGI".
(Selected by Shigemasa Higashida)
2000- Lecture, "Challenge the Oribe and Shino Tradition"
(National Design Academy, US)
2011- International Ceramic Festival (Wales, UK)
(Lecture, Demonstration, Exhibition)

Major Solo Exhibition

2023 Shigemasa Higashida Ceramic Exhibition The Stratford Gallery (Cotswolds, UK)
2020 Shigemasa Higashida Ceramic Exhibition Dai Ichi Arts (NY, US)
2019 Shigemasa Higashida Ceramic Exhibition Ginza WAKO (Tokyo, JP)
2018 Shigemasa Higashida Exhibition KIZAN (Tokyo, JP)
2014 「Accidental Beauty」 Lacoste Gallery (MA, US)
2010 「Hana Manndara 2010」 Choukouji Hall (Saitama, JP)
2009 「The World of Modern Oribe」 Haji no Ie ・ Kawakami Art Club (Ibaraki, JP)
2006 Shigemasa Higashida Exhibition Galleria Faleria (Roma, IT)
2005 Shigemasa Higashida Exhibition Niigata MITSUKOSHI (Niigata, JP)
2003 Shigemasa Higashida Ceramic Exhibition Isejinn (Ibaraki, JP)
2001 Shigemasa Higashida Exhibition Kawatoku (Morioka, JP)
2000 Shigemasa Higashida Exhibition Shinjuku MITSUKOSHI (Tokyo, JP)
1998 Shigemasa Higashida Exhibition Kure SOGO (Hiroshima, JP)
1997 Shigemasa Higashida Exhibition Kougei Salon Kokou (Tokyo, JP)
1993 Shigemasa Higashida Exhibition Tamagawa TAKASHIMAYA (Tokyo, JP)
Shigemasa Higashida Exhibition Mitaka City Art Gallery (Tokyo, JP)
1992 Shigemasa Higashida Exhibition Garou Miyasaki (Tokyo, JP)
1991 Shigemasa Higashida Exhibition Saiga (Tokyo, JP)
1989 Shigemasa Higashida Exhibition Toraku (Tokyo, JP)

Major Group Exhibition

2022 'Collect Art Fair' Somerset House (London, UK)
'Dreaming in Mino,The Art of Oribe &Shino' Dai Ichi Arts (NY, US)
2020 'Treasures of Japan' The Stratford Gallery (UK)
2019 'The Sake Vessel - Contemporary Interpretations' The Stratford Gallery, UK
2017 'Utsuwa' Exhibition KIZAN (Tokyo, JP)
2015 'The GRANDURE of Japanese Ceramics :
  from Tea Ware to Sculpture' Hollis Taggart Gallery (NY, US)
2014 'Teabowl' Exhibition The Oxford Ceramics Gallery (UK)
  Jeff Shapiro & Shigemasa Higashida Lacoste Gallery (MA, US)
'Teaware from The Edge' The Gallery at Tacoma Community College (WA, US)
2011 'International Ceramic Festival' Aberystwyth Art Center (UK)
'Cross Currents on 20th Century Art' Currier Museum of Art (NH, US)
'Breaking The Mold' Marshall Fredericks Sculpture Museum (MI, US)
2009 'Breaking The Mold' Dennos Museum Center (MI, US)
'Ceramic Platters and Ancient Vessels' Jonathan O'Hara Gallery (NY, US)
2008 'Jeff Shapiro, Alessandro Beghini,
 Shigemasa Higashida' 3 person show Palazzo Bricherasio (Torino, IT)
2007 'Sapporo MITSUKOSHI Art Special Exhibition' Sapporo MITSUKOSHI (hokkaido, JP)
'SOFA CHICAGO 2006' Navy pier - Festival Hall (IL, US)
2006 'International Tea Bowl Exhibition' Antwerpen (BE)
'Modern Tea Bowl Exhibition' Nihonbashi MITSUKOSHI (Tokyo, JP)
2005 'Modern・Present Ceramic Art Master Exhibit' Fukuoka MITSUKOSHI (Fukuoka, JP)
2004 'Contemporary Ceramic Art: 3 person show'
  Ukio Yoshida, Akito Morino, and
  Shigemasa Higashida GINZA WAKO (Tokyo, JP)
'2004 LIFE IS ART EXHIBITION' Yokohama Akarenga Souko (Kanagawa, JP)
2003 'Malcom Wright & Shigemasa Higashida' Daiichi Gallery (NY, US)
'SHOKU NO UTSUWA Exhibit' Akasaka Yuu GAllery (Tokyo, JP)
2000 'SOFA NEW YORK 2000' Seventh Regiment Armory (NY)
1998 'Sokou Sakamoto & Shigemasa Higashida' Tachikawa TAKASHIMAYA (Tokyo, JP)

Studio Shots