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David Storey


David gained his fine art training at Middlesex University during the 1970s, has been an art lecturer at St.Martins College of art, London alongside being the creative art director behind legendary record label 2-Tone in the late 70s and early 80s. David now lives and works in Brighton.

David's process is physical; preferring fingers, rags and sponges as his tools for applying colour and texture. He wants us to be absorbed by the effortless experience of gazing upon his work which itself is paradoxically underpinned by enormous effort for his paintings to appear that way.

David Storey is a renowned British figurative painter, and a Threadneedle Prize finalist, whose emotionally charged paintings are an exploration of memory, with half-remembered people and places emerging from complex layers of texture and colour.

David's paintings offer us a glimpse into our relationships with people from the perspective of how we remember them. Nostalgic, half remembered scenes, manifestations of the emotions that we feel when thinking back to those who have gone before us or the way we were ourselves. Collectors of David's paintings are often bonded to his works by the associations his scenes create to times past, a transportation back to very real feelings that, whilst distant in time, remain very present in our hearts.

Studio Shots