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Chikako Inaba


Born 1974, in Yokohama, Japan Chikako Inaba graduated from the Musashino Art University in 1996 and later studied at the Tajimi City Pottery and Design Institute. In 2007, she opened her own studio in Shiga, Japan.

Her ceramic work is inspired by the unique forms and lines found on the leaves of greenery such as lotus, hosta and orchid plants, those local to her and sporting pronounced veins. Each elegantly sculpted vessel is distinct, but all embody a mixture of grace, strength and, simultaneously, fragility.

Her work is collected throughout Japan and shown in Tokyo and Kyoto. This is her debut in the United Kingdom.

Artist CV

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2005 1/2 SHELF, Tokyo
2007 Gallery NOBI, Tokyo
2009 GALLERY 219, Tokyo
2009 Gallery WEARME, Tokyo
2010 Gallery MOTOHAMA, Gifu, Japan
2011 Space Prism, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
2015 Gallery Petitluxe, Tokyo
2015 Gallery HINATADO, Tokyo
2017 Gallery Tosei, Osaka
2018 Gallery GREGORIO, Kyoto
2020 PLUS Notion, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions
2003 The Craft Exhibition/ Space Prism Designers Gallery, Nagoya
2003 Gallery BOUGATEI, Nagano, Japan
2004 GALLERY 219, Tokyo
2005 Ceramics Exhibition of Mino/ Industrial cultural center, Tajimi, Gifu, Japan
2006 Mino-Canada Ceramics Exchange Exhibition/Gallery of BC Ceramics, Canada
2008 Ceramics with handle Exhibition/ Gallery VOICE, Tajimi, Gifu, Japan
2009 Akasaka Inui Gallery, Tokyo
2010 Gen Hoshino + Chikako Inaba, Garou GREGORIO, Kyoto
2012 Gen Hoshino + Chikako Inaba, Fugue, Taiwan
2015 ArctiClay 4, Anu Pentic Gallery, Finland
2015 Gallery NANOOM, Seoul, Korea
2015 Gaungneung Museum of Art, Korea
2015 Contemporary Ceramics Salon Tosei, Osaka
2017 HT gallery, Taoyuan, Taiwan
2018 “Japan”GÄSTE 2018/Seeschloss Ort, Gmunden, Austria
2018 Art Gallery Ikebukuro Seibu
2019 Utsuwa Ikkyaku, Kyoto
2019 TEXTURE, Sokyo Gallery/ Kyoto
2019 JAPANESE SPRING, Terra Delft Gallery, Delft, Netherlands
2020 Gallery Wearme, Tokyo
2021 White, Sokyo Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

2003 Nominated at the Takaoka Craft Exhibition (’01, ’02)
2014 Nominated at the 10th International Ceramics competition MINO, Tajimi
2016 Silver Award at The 6th Taiwan International Gold Teapot Prizes, Yingge ceramic museum, Taiwan
2017 Nominated at The 11th International Ceramics competition MINO, Tajimi