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Ichiro Hori


Ichiro Hori was born in 1952 in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. In 1971, he graduated from Tajimi Technical High School in Gifu, Japan. 
Later, he studied under master Kozo Kato for two years. Hori san is known primarily for his dynamic wood-fired vessels. He uses long, low-heat firings to allow the clay’s deep-reddish tone to emerge through the thick, creamy glazes. Aside from shino and seto-ware, Hori excels at the difficult ash-glazed kiseto-ware.

In 1984, he built his own anagama kiln in the mountains of Mizunami City. In 1997, he moved his workshop to Ōkusa and established a new compound with both climbing and tunnel kilns. Hori fires his kilns just twice a year, creating forms that emerge after long periods of contemplation.

Selected Exhibitions
2008 Solo Exhibition, Gallery KURIMOTO, Niigata, Japan
2010 Mino/Seto Exhibition, BUNKINDO, Gifu, Japan
2015 Solo Exhibition, JR Nagoya Takashimaya Art Gallery, Aichi, Japan
2017 Solo Exhibition, Contemporary Ceramics Salon Tosei, Osaka, Japan
2019 Solo Exhibition, Gallery Labo, Ehime, Japan

Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition
Chunichi International Exhibition of Ceramic Arts
Tokai Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition