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Lara Voce


Lara is a British painter based in Warwickshire, England. Her paintings serve as subjective, felt snap-shots of everyday domestic moments, rendering practical and decorative home objects such as tableware, flowers and fruit in thick, gestural brushstrokes. Her work examines the delicate, affective relationships between and amongst objects, as well as their implied translation to real-life, human relationships: Three Bowls is equally three people, a mother and her children. 

Lara paints intuitively from memory: her compositions are not planned but instead develop naturally from the process of painting itself. Formally recognisable, even mundane, objects such as bowls and jugs are stripped of their defining physicalities, rendered instead as simple shapes, purposeful lines. In this reduction, the object sheds its practicality and instead becomes symbol, body, thought.

The paint is layered and there are often ghosts of previous compositions revealed by thinner layers.  These ghosts will often take the painting in a new direction. She uses a palette of muted, almost dirty colours, which sing harmoniously. 
Her formative years were spent running her family’s Winebar; Wilde’s. This institution had a feel of a French artist haunt from the last century and this undoubtably influences her work.
She is inspired by the likes of Willliam Scott, Ben Nicholson and lately Milton Avery.
As her practice develops her work has become more primitive in its style and lighter in touch.

Art Foundation at The Slade
Warwick University Medical Biology
Employed as Interior Designer Aston Martin
Solo Show at Unpolished Stow on the Wold 2023
Solo Show at Gallery at Home 2023
Worked featured in Editorials from Soho Home, Neptune, Little Greene Paint Company, Christopher Farr and Universal Pictures, Richard Curtis Movie ‘The Genie’