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Sayaka Shingu


Born in Osaka, Japan in 1979, she graduated from the Osaka University of Arts in 2001. She is well-known in and outside Japan for her fragile ceramic flower pieces made from mixed clay. Rather than focusing on their characteristic beauty and vivaciousness, using a monotonic colour palette, her ceramics embody the dark, sombre and fleeting nature of flowers, but also, human life. 
Her idea is derived from the seeming similarities between the life stages (growth, bloom, decay) of flowers and human beings. She is one of Japan’s rising stars and has had numerous solo exhibitions and group exhibitions throughout Japan. 

Solo Exhibitions
2006 Gallery Maronie, Kyoto (’05)
2007 “CUBIC” gallery ITEZA, Kyoto
2010 INAX Galleria Ceramica, Tokyo
2010 Silver Shell, Tokyo
2011 INAX Live Museum, Aichi, Japan
2012 Gallery yuragi, Kyoto
2013 Gallery Suchi, Tokyo (’10)
2014 ENTOREZ, Hyogo, Japan
2015 Gallery Tosei, Osaka
2015 Gallery Utsuwa-note, Saitama, Japan
2017 Kochukyo, Tokyo
2018 Takashimaya Nihombashi, Tokyo
2019 Rokurokudo, Kyoto (’13)
2019 Utsuwakan, Kyoto (’12, ’13, ’15, ’17)
2020 Gallery Utsuwa-note, Tokyo
2020 Gallery Labo, Ehime, Japan (’16, ’18, ’19)

Group Exhibitions
2007 Asahi Ceramic Exhibition (’04)
2010 Three-Dimensional Art Show by Contemporary Artists / Bunkamura Gallery, Tokyo
2010 THE ART FAIR, Tokyo
2012 Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair Hong Kong / Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong
2012 ART KYOTO 2012, Kyoto
2012 The 7th Paramita Museum Ceramic Art Grand Prize Exhibition / Paramita Museum, Mie, Japan
2013 ART OSAKA 2013, Osaka
2013 LA CERAMIQUE JAPONAISE, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Turkey
2013 Wondering! Amazing! Amusing! 4 Ceramists Exhibition / Saihodo Gallery, Tokyo
2014 Metamorphose / Takashimaya Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Shinjuku, Nihombashi
2014 JURYOKU / Gallery Suchi, Tokyo
2015 ART OSAKA 2015, Osaka
2015 JURYOKU / Gallery Suchi, Tokyo
2017 Object Exhibition / YAKATA YUSAI, Tokyo
2019 SPARKLE / Rokurokudo, Kyoto
2019 Transcendental World / Setouchi City Museum of Art, Okayama, Japan
2019 Ryosokuin Kenninji Temple, Kyoto

2004 Selected for Asahi Ceramic Exhibition (’07)
2008 Selected for Kyoto Art and Craft Biennale, The Museum of Kyoto
2012 Selected for the 7th Paramita Museum Ceramic Art Grand Prize Exhibition/ Paramita Museum, Mie, Japan

Public Collection
Anadolu University Museum, Eskisehir, Turkey