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Kenji Kojima


Kenji Kojima was born in 1953 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. His artworks are little known in the west. In 1971 he graduated from the Tokoname Ceramic Vocational High School. He moved to Iga in 1973 where his art was accepted to the Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition. He then took up a five-year apprenticeship in Bizen with the renowned potter, Konishi Tozo.

Upon returning to Iga in 1979 Kojima researched old kiln sites and built his own anagama which he continues to fire today. The National Museum of Denmark acquired one of his works in the same year. His main Japanese exhibitions are at Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya, Matsuzakaya, and Daimaru. Kojima san rarely sends work outside of Japan, it is an honour to debut his work here in the UK.

Selected Exhibitions
1988 Aosuna Craft Center, Okinawa, Japan

2000 Gallery Tosei, Kyoto
2003 Daimaru Kyoto Art Gallery, Kyoto (05)
2004 Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Art Gallery, Tokyo (07, 10)
2007 Yokohama Takashimaya Art Gallery, Kanagawa, Japan
2012 Hakusasonso Hashimoto Kansetsu Garden & Museum, Kyoto

2015 Sokyo Gallery, Kyoto

2017 Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store Art Gallery, Tokyo

2018 Teisoku-an Gallery, Mie, Japan
2021 Naha Municipal Tsuboya pottery Museum, Okinawa, Japan

2022 JR Nagoya Takashimaya Art Gallery


1973 Selected, Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition

Selected, Chunichi International Exhibition of Ceramic Arts,
National Museum of Denmark

Studio Shots