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Zoe Taylor


Zoe's paintings connect with everyone who has marvelled at the raw and powerful beauty of untouched landscape. Moors of heather, gorse, grass and ferns stretch before us in her works, eroded ridges of rock and earth exposed, crowned by the very atmosphere that enables them to be. Low Horizons and huge, ever-changing skies combine to give us a palpable sense of human perspective, conjuring awe and respect for the land beneath us and skies above us.

2021 saw Zoe's sixth solo show with us, 'Day to Day', and we were once again immersed into her world of observation, interpretation and wonderment. Hallmarks of her work remain, an obsession with the liminal transition of earth to sky, placement of self as a central theme and sweeping vistas imagined from real experience. But there was something much deeper happening within this body of work. We have all been living day to day over the past year or so. The immediate past being overtaken with a desire for future. A future promising a return to the savouring of former trivialities, trivialities that now seem luxurious. It can be felt in Zoe's 2021 works.

An accomplished blending of drama, tinted with that hopeful crack of light, helps guide us to certainty. The tonal and textural decisions made in each painting, perhaps quite unconsciously, map out emotional meanderings from brooding to enlightenment, from darkness to illumination. We would go as far as to say that this body of work is far less about painting of landscapes than it is about painting a summary of human sensibility. A humble and reflective person, Zoe gives us work that feels effortless, honest and memorable. A statement that will serve as a major marker in her career and a permanent and beautifully appropriate record for the time in which these works were born. A true artist's eye sees and creates what most of us can only feel, and this tremendous collection of paintings embodies that sentiment in totality.

Studio Shots