Pierre Williams' work moves all who see it.  Crafted from an undeniably strong sense of personal experience and life narrative, each piece begs questions about the human condition, hope, change and longing.  Pierre poetically transforms his art into stories that land with anyone who has contemplated their life and position within our world.  The decoration sits ajar from the works’ titles, prompting further exploration of the meaning.  The lustres suggest the preciousness in us all, even pugilists, a reference common through his work, striking a chord with anyone who has had to fight or struggle for change in their existence.  And through all of this meaning, there is a an encapsulating, joyous curiosity of beauty in each and every piece.  

Pierre studied ceramics at Cardiff Universiity and now lives and works in Herefordshire.  He has been internationally exhibited, won numerous awards for his sculptural ceramics, been featured on BBC television and has had his work feature in numerous ceramic and general interest publications.  Pierre counts Sir Roy Strong. Sir Derek Jacobi and John Allen FRCA as committed collectors of his work.  The Stratford Gallery is very honoured and proud to be counted as representation for this important British artist.