Philip uses subtle colours and strong pattern in his compositions – locking them together to make a firm structure. He pays attention to the surface of the paintings to create areas that have a sense of history (telling a story). There is a sense of weathering,  of wear and tear. By sanding and sraping the surface unknown elements emerge  and add to the process of making the image There are accents of colour to anchor the composition.


Philip looks for everyday events and views, such as looking out from a window, light passing over a field, a glimpse of the sea over a hedge and shadows of trees stretching across a field, objects on shelves.


Philip often uses a grid structure to start a painting, sometimes remaining visible, sometimes hidden in the background. He likes to use his home environment where he looks for natural frameworks and grids, such as windows, doorways, shadows and shapes of objects in rooms.

Philip has lived and exhibited his paintings in Cornwall since 1989. He tends to paint places he knows well, returning to them frequently throughout the seasons. He has work in public collections, including Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro, Palace of Westminster, London, Falmouth Art Gallery, Falmouth and Devon County Council Art Collection.