The work of Peter Wills, a professional potter since 1989, has been evolving over the years within the context of attention to detail, balanced form/decoration, and passion – all of which he believes are crucial.

“Inspiration for me comes from simple things; pots from ancient China to modern Europe; the looseness, freedom and life of Bizen wares, the wonderful colours, textures and forms of Lucie Rie’s work; the inverted profile of a hat, a blackbird singing outside my bedroom window.”

“I aim for balanced form, attention to detail and life; I would love the ability to produce pots of a calibre that would make people catch their breath – however  for now, if I can occasionally stir the heart, I’ll be content.”  



Peter was commissioned by Downing Street to make individual pieces for visiting heads of state attending the UK G20 summit, a well deserved salute to the mastery of his craft.

Peter’s recent work explores the delicate and translucent nature of porcelain with fine impressions in the surface of the pots allowing glaze and light to play a part in the poetry of the final piece.