Born in Bad Langensalza ( former East Germany ) in 1971 Iris Schöne trained as a restorer and conservator of artworks after school.  Following on from that she then trained as a potter and worked in various potteries in Germany until she gained her Master Craftsman's Diploma in Ceramics in 1996.    From 1996 - 9  Iris worked with Wendelin Stahl, during with time she was elected into the German Federal Association of Artists in Saxony.


Iris founded her workshop in Upper Lusatia in 1997 where she creates wood fired and salt glazed stoneware for every day use in small batch productions or as individual pieces.    Her work is mainly thrown except for some rectanular plates and boxes.  She enjoys the movement of throwing and the style of each vessel that is created from this method of making. 

Each piece is fired in her custom built wood kiln to 1300 degrees centigrade for between 25-30 hours.  Her ware is made for daily use, and is both oven and dishwasher proof. 

Iris's work picks up on the beauty of ceramic traditions whilst developing, modifying and reinventing ideas whilst she works on each piece.  The results are honest, utilitarian and down to earth ceramics with subtle hues of change from Iris's interventions.