Russell has been a commercial photographer for over 25 years working for many of the top advertising and design clients throughout the UK.

"Although always having a passion for photography and image making I had become increasingly disillusioned

with the digital world and its predictability, the ease of use which anyone with a camera/phone can achieve an acceptable image.

With that in mind I decided to embrace the past and look to the origins of photography and start shooting with a 19thcentury photographic process called Wet Plate Collodion.

Having originally trained in the darkroom I have always had a fascination for the hands on approach of creating an original silver gelatine print from a negative.

For the past 4 years I have been working in the fine art sector creating beautiful one off, hand made wet plate images.

Working within the wet plate process has become inspiring again it tells a story with the alchemy of chemicals and light.

This allows me to produce one off handmade original photographs called Ambrotypes and Tintypes.

These photographs are a commitment to time and unlike any other, produce a one off original.' 


First invented as a technique in the 1850s, tintype is a unique hand made photograph of warm monochromatic tones on a thin sheet of metal.

Tintypes, or wet plate as they are also known, involves flowing a chemical, Collodion, over a substrate of metal, This is then sensitised  in a silver nitrate solution, exposed in camera and developed in the darkroom.

The plates must be exposed and developed within a few minutes - hence the term wet plate.

The resulting images are of exceptional clarity and character with a beautiful patina of smudges and smears due to the wet chemicals involved.

There is no negative and every plate is a true, handmade original and unique to its subject.