Kate Iles is a "Box Maker".  Kate studied applied 2D design as a young adult but was soon perplexing her tutors with her inability to stay in two dimensions, it was from this time that she embarked upon her journey to create miniature worlds orbiting a central core of discrete emotion.  In her work she creates enclosed theatres of imagination with her boxes yielding hidden narratives that challenge the viewer.  Each work is the careful curation of lost or discarded memories enhanced with self created objects that allow Kate to tell or perhaps suggest a deeper story.  She is driven by emotional attachments to items that she finds, wondering what their history is, how they have come to be lost or de-valued when visually they suggest that once they were treasured.  Her creations, as a result, are always seeking a strong reaction, be it uncomfortable, nostalgic, uplifting or downright joyous.  

The subtle illumination of these scenes bring a nostalgic warmth to the pieces as they start to spill their hidden narratives.  Each box is incredibly unique and certain to be one of the most intriguing and fascinating artworks you may ever own.