Jaejun Lee is a Korean ceramicist based in the UK. He moved to the UK from South Korea in 2018 and is currently working in the UK with an ‘Exceptional Talent’ visa. He specialises in porcelain and makes both decorative vessels and functional wares. The simple forms of his pieces encourages the viewer to concentrate on the outer shape and perfectly smooth surface. His aim is to communicate a message of functionality and beauty through his work. The object will enrich and enhance the user’s everyday life.

Jaejun chooses to work with an electric wheel as it enables complete control of his materials. 

After he has carefully thrown each piece, he uses his own turning tools to contour the surface until the smoothest lines and textures have been achieved.  During this process, he strives to accomplish the ultimate form and weight for each vessel.

Jaejun has several techniques that he uses for the exquisite finish on his work.  The vessels are glazed with a thick smooth satin like glaze which are created from his own recipes to achieve the ultimate in a rich smooth finish.  

Jaejun's attention to detail is compelling. His meticulous precision in every aspect of his work results in his pieces awakening all of the beholder's senses.  The base of his works are polished an unrivalled level of smooth.