Tanimoto san was born in Iga City in 1978, the eldest son of renowned Iga potter Tanimoto Kei.  He graduated from Doshisha Universit in 2001 and went on to obtain post graduate ceramics degree in Kyoto.


After studing under Tadashi Mori for little over a year, he spent a year studying and making in Italy.  On his return to Japan in 2005 he set up his practice and quickly became the subject of solo exhibitions around Japan, gaining many prizes along the way.  

His work expresses the sentiments of classiv Iga-yaki ceramics in powerful and contemporary ways.  Organic textures and firing results offering desitinctly regional examples of this historic ceramic area.  In this collection he has selected works which express Iga tradition, such as the beautiful lugged vase, along side experimental and striking sculptural statement pieces.  The Stratford Gallery is delighted to be showing his work for the first time in the United Kingdom.