Originally trained as an architectural technician before also training in fine art, it is easy to see the influence of structure in Susan’s work.  She recreates impressions of remembered scenes and fleeting glimpses of landscapes where rural and urban life overlap.  

Process and materials are important as a way of allowing her paintings to emerge as objects in their own right allowing production of scenes that create tension within space and mark the passage of time and distance.



Susan creates highly effective colourfield in her work heightened in their presence by the unpredictable surface that comes from priming her painting surfaces with plaster prior to painting.  The plaster surfaces yield an inviting ability to score into them allowing the trapping of pigment from the build up of paint layers during her work.  

The results are often deep yet calming, contemplative and uplifting.  Susan has regularly exhibited with The Stratford Gallery since it’s opening exhibition in 2016 and is collected globally.