Rachel creates installations, collections of porcelain vessels and stamps which have a spirit and a sense of unity.

Each grouping of vessels has a meaning and a feeling specific to that particular collection, and personal to her. For example, groups that describe relationships within families. Her piece ‘Descendants’ was made in direct response to a funeral service, and the familial ties that are strong and present in bleak situations.

The forms are simple, unadorned apart from their stamp. The stamp is used to give a feeling of life. The making process is kept simple, throwing, stamping and turning, feeling at one with the clay. The work is sometimes glazed with a simple matt or shiny glaze, or sometimes left unglazed and highly fired to become vitrified, but all processes are kept to a minimum, as the spirit and feeling of the work is captured whilst the vessel is in motion on the wheel.

The group is produced together, each pot to compliment and work harmoniously with the next. The grouping together of objects, the tensions between the pieces, the relationships of vessel to vessel, of stamp to vessel, have importance.


Rachel has worked with porcelain since graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2005. After completing her Masters in ceramics in 2018, Rachel has been producing wheel thrown vessels which explore the importance of the decorative arts.