Matti specialises in green woodturning; his works are constant variations of the same theme. His interest in wood began before school age, but it was not until he found woodturning that he really became fascinated by the material. After developing an interest in turning, he studied ceramics from different cultures and eras,  and admired the large, deep ceramic forms, wondering why there were no such powerful artefacts made from wood.  The reason, he discovered,  was that this demanding craft had almost died out in Finland. Craftsmen no longer mastered these techniques and methods, so he began a life long journey to learn through his own practice. 

The process of making an object starts from cutting a felled or fallen tree trunk into suitable pieces with a chainsaw. These blocks of wood are then taken into his workshop where he turns them on the lathe with hand held chisels. The piece of wood affects the size of the object. Creating it is an interactive process, as the material has its own story. He always use green wood; it has all the tension, and the power of nature still left in it. It's very challenging to work with this powerful factor, as these tensions in wood can ruin the piece at any stage of the process. He creates an object from start to finish in one session while the wood is still green. The drying – and what happens to the piece while this is taking place – is an integral part of the process. It affects the pieces, and the forces of nature can be seen again as tensions are released. The pieces change their shapes during drying, and surfaces become textured and tactile.


Matti's delicate turned closed wood forms are his sculptures.  They are not intended for function, instead they fill the viewer with a sense of calm not only for their colour and softly undulating form, but their smooth surface on both the exterior and interior invites the viewer to enjoy the piece both by sight and by touch.  

For this exhibition, Matti wanted to create different groups of powerful closed forms in a variety of shapes and with different surface treatments.  His vessels are only a few millimetres thick, making them almost weightless in relation to their size.  Turning the wood to this extent allows a piece to shrink and change shape without cracking when it dries out resulting in a beautiful soft organic form.   

"I very often use all kinds of 'faults' of wood in my pieces, such as knots, discoloration and even natural cracks. I don't see them as a flaw, but rather, a potential to create truly unique objects. For these pieces I used reclaimed wood that had been overlooked by other woodworkers and was destined to be buried or burnt."

Curriculum Vitae – Matti Söderkultalahti – Master of Cabinet Making
Born in Evijärvi, Finland 1978, Resides in Mathildedal



· 7.10.2005–27.10.2006: Master’s Exam in Cabinet Making, Salpaus Further Education, Lahti
· 2001–2003: Further Education in Woodcarving, Jurva School of Arts and Crafts
· 1998–2001: Wood Artisan, Jurva School of Arts and Crafts
· 1994–1996: Carpenter, Järvenpää Vocational School



· 4.6.2018: 1-Year Artist Grant for Woodturning, Art Promotions Centre Finland

· 26.10.2017: Grant of Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Finland
· 21.11.2004: 1. Prize in Turned Object, Finnish Association of Woodturners, Tampere, Finland
· 16.11.2003: 2. Prize in Turned Object, Finnish Association of Woodturners, Tampere, Finland
· 6.6.2003: Winner of Public Voting in Tahto&Taito – Competition of Paulig, Helsinki, Finland
· 13.4.2003: Grant of Finnish Cultural Foundation
· 6.12.2002: Cultural Award of Evijärvi, Finland
· 30.11.2002: Grant of Järviseutu – Foundation, Finland
· 12.11.2002: Certificate of Honor in Adult Education, Seinäjoki, Finland
· 13–16.5.2002: 1. Prize in Woodturning Competion of Scandinavia, Hedenäset, Sweden




· 26.5.-25.11.2018: Venice Design 2018, Palazzo Michiel, Venice, Italy

· 7.2.-3.3.2018: We Love Wood(s), Finlandsinstitutet Galleri, Stockholm, Sweden

· 16.12.2017-18.2.2018: Tradition and Innovation in the Modern Finnish Wood Culture - Nikari     

  Stories from Fiskars Finland, Takenaka Carpentry Tool Museum, Kobe, Japan

· 7.-17.9.2017: Greetings from Suomi, World of Tre, Helsinki, Finland

· 30.6.-2.9.2017: AVATA, Gallery Lokal, Helsinki, Finland

· 14.5.-24.9.2017: Greetings from Suomi, Copper Smithy, Fiskars, Finland

· 4.6.–26.6.2016: Craftsmen in Fiskars, Gallery Sara, Japan

· 29.10.2015–24.1.2016: New & Classics, Art Center White Block, Paju, Korea

· 3.–8.11.2015: Craftsmen in Fiskars, Gallery Strasse, Nishinomiya, Japan

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· 5.2.2012–6.1.2013: Vision, Copper Smithy, Fiskars, Finland

· 3.–30.9.2011: Round Objects – Masterworks of Finnish Woodturners, Pro Puu-gallery, Lahti,


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· 4.–30.1.2007: Masterworks, Pro Puu-gallery, Lahti, Finland
· 27.6.–12.8.2005: Century of Interior Decoration, Arts and Crafts Centre Verkaranta, Tampere,

· 1.–30.6.2004: Green Wood – Living Material, Artisaani Shop & Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
· 16.6–15.8.2003: Soul of a Tree, Onkamo, Finland
· 26.5–6.7.2003: Tahto&Taito – Exhibition of Paulig, Sanomatalo, Helsinki, Finland
· 23.8–17.11.2002: Wood of the World, Designmuseum, Helsinki, Finland
· 25.6–24.8.2002: In Love with Wood, Uusikaupunki, Finland


· Working with Wood – A Nordic Perspective on Cabinetmaking, Rakennustieto Oy, 2017

· Tradition and Innovation in the Modern Finnish Wood Culture – Nikari Stories from Fiskars

  Finland, Takenaka Carpentry Tool Museum, 2017

· Design Year 2017, A-Press

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· Finnish Design Yearbook 2006, Design Forum Finland



· Tuuli Autio, Young Designer of the Year 2003

· Antrei Hartikainen, Young Designer of the Year 2018

· Mari Isopahkala, Young Designer of the Year 2013

· Mikko Paakkanen, Young Designer of the Year 2006

· Pentagon Design, Design Office

· Aamu Song & Johan Olin, Designers