Fujita san was born in Imbe, Bizen Province, Japan in 1983.  He is the eldest son in a family that has a long and proud Bizen pottery legacy.  His father, grandfather and great grandfather were all potters, a Fujita lineage in ceramics stretching back to 1853.

Masahiro is a ceramics graduate of Kanazawa College of Art and also Kyoto University.  Even before graduating, his work has been the subject of group and solo exhibitions, marking him out as a progressive, expressionist Bizen potter, His work has been shown and collected internationally and featured in several publications.

His approach to making is steeped in the ethos of Bizen tradition but also enjoys a freedom associated with his youth and globally connected modern outlook.  A highly prized rising star in Japan, Masahiro is humble about both his personal and family achievements in Bizen pottery history.  All of the work selected for 'treasures of Japan' were wood fired in his great grandfather's Noborigama kiln built in 1927.  They are a combination of traditional and contemporary Bizen Forms with natural red pine ash glazing.

This is Fujita san's third UK exhibition, all of which have been with the Stratford Gallery.