Lucien Koonce was born in North Caolina, USA and obtained his BA in Ceramics at East Carolina University in 1978.  He went on to develop his ceramics learning and achieved his Masters in Ceramics at the University of Iowa in 1981.  From this platform, Lucien explored many avenues in ceramics development which included setting up various studios and lecturing in ceramics at the University of North Carolina.

Lucien's work eventually led him to the old Japanese technique of Kurinuki, the forming of a vessel from a solid mass of clay.  Instead of coiling or throwing a vessel, the pieces is formed by carving and hollowing out a wedged piece of clay, allowing a focus on internal and external surface structure and texture.  This, combined with wood firing with natural ash and shino glazing has seen Lucien's work coveted by many an international collector.

The Collection held at the Stratford Gallery includes four specially selected Kurinuki, wood fired chawan with natural ash and shino glazes.