Jane Wheeler was born and raised in Norfolk. She studied ceramics at Bath Academy of Art.  

Jane’s preferred shape is a flask like vessel.  A space containing hollow form that enables her to allude to our most distant cultural pasts, and to the state of being Human.

Jane intentionally creates her vessels to appear aged and fragile, contradicting their purpose through cracks in their body, to evoke an uncertainty within the viewer and to create a sense of history and humanity.   

   Jane's vessels are made of stoneware clay bodies with added coarse grog, sand, quartz and feldspar granules. reduction fired to 1260-1300 º C with gas. Layers of oxide, slip, and chun glaze producing the textured surface which both reflects and absorbs light and refracts it where the chun gathers into thick runs full of miniscule bubbles.


Selected Exhibitions

2014   David Simon Contemporary, Bath
2011   Bircham Gallery, Norfolk
2009   Beaux Arts, Bath (solo show)
2009   Lund Gallery, Yorkshire
2008   Beaux Arts, Bath (solo Show)
2007   Le Bain HGallery, Tokyo, Japan
2007   Mediart Gallery, Paris
1993   Finalist Arthur Andersen Art Award, London
           EAST international open, Norwich
           Open Door, London
Museum collections  

Pallant House, Chichester, E Sussex, UK