Edwards is an award winning contemporary land and seascape painter and Academician of the Royal Academy West of England and member of the Newlyn Society of Artists.   A graduate of University of London and a post graduate of Goldsmiths College of Art, London, Gareth now lives and works in St. Ives, Cornwall.  

Edwards’ work presents us with destinations of intrigue and wonder.  Destinations that yield unconscious details of the journey that has been undertaken to reach them.  His richly adorned canvases create a sensory and almost transcendental reaction to the subject and surface of his works.  Both subject and surface pull us in, create questions and cross boundaries.  They ask us about our own understanding of the here and now, what we see to be real and what is perceived from experience and memory.  

"Painting is tricky.
I've tried to make paintings that reach beyond the here and now, that  engage the viewer with wider,  more  universal themes . Themes that might align with the mysterious evanescence of Time and Space for example.
Each painting is an invitation into a fictive, transformational  space that can nurture a quiet contemplation and stir up personal connections that are drafted from a remote trail of intimate memories.
My paintings sort of operate like poems - relating to the viewer through half remembered places and suggestive terrains. Each piece is created with an evocative environmental and at times elemental atmosphere but not one derived from a mimetic , a priori specific topography- these are not cartographic observations but , like a poem , the paintings are emotional spaces.
As an ongoing project my paintings have developed an evocation of emotional weather and although many pieces are pretty elegiac in their atmosphere with shades of gentle melancholy they all, ultimately , culminate in a subtly-realised light of hope , the light out there...the light in all of us."  Gareth Edwards, June 2021



Materially, Edwards’ work is rich with surface texture as he works urgently to capture the energy of conscious and unconscious inspiration.   Scraping, scratching, fluidly moving paint and making marks, his paintings urge you to touch them as they build a desire to experience them with more than sight alone.  Thick build ups of paint on the edges of many of his works tell the story of their creation and blur the boundary between their starting point of creation and the uncertain ending to the pieces.  Signposts to the individual work’s journey and your decision about the path that was taken to get there.
Whilst the energy of each piece is truly remarkable, knowledge of Edward’s process, a painstaking and time consuming quest to craft the representation of his mind’s eye, each painting leaving his studio is the product of a carefully considered relationship with the work but also bears the hallmarks of tension between artist and material, chance and control.

Gareth Edwards was born in London in 1960 and now works and lives in St.Ives, painting from the famous Porthmeor studios.