Ruth Winding - golden wonders

To see Ruth’s panels as objects of desire is understandable.  Their richness is wholly combined with our primitive human lure to gold, the scenes themselves suggest an imperial, palatial quality.  It would not surprise if you were told that these paintings had come from a dynastic ruler of some far off oriental land.  But to say these pieces are modern Chinoiserie is to simplify them too much.

Whilst themes of nature, flora and fauna, are evident, positioned in a traditional manner, the quality of the painting is sublime and nods to a genuine feel for and love of nature.  No cliché’d oriental woodland creatures here, no pagodas or backward looking pandas. 

Ruth has embraced her passion with the rare talent to visualise it to stunning effect.  Bluebirds perform their aerial dance around magnolia in full bloom, Irises of every hue and species compete for our attention whilst dragonflies and butterflies ignore us and search out sweet delicious succulence.  A Chaffinch sits patiently on a mossy tree stump it’s plumage so delicately and expertly painted whilst a blue tit is caught in flight circling above the honeysuckle so abundant with colour and life.

To own a Ruth Winding gilded artwork is to praise life itself.  It is as much a treat to your dwelling as it is to you.  Each piece is a celebration, a shout to the exquisite - it calls to you today and will call to you every day that you are lucky enough to be in its company.
Like us all it has an arc of behaviour, it will court you in full sunlight with movement and extrovert displays, will provide you with measured reflection and contemplation as sun heads south,  before soothing you with borrowed light in the twilight hours.  Flowers relaxing, birds resting, their gilded playground just waiting for tomorrow’s sun.