Opening Exhibition

The Stratford Gallery opening exhibition

Paintings, Ceramics, Sculpture

November 26 – December 19, 2016

Eddie Curtis ceramics.  Zoe Taylor, Oil on canvas landscapes

Harriet Porter, Oil on Canvas still life.  Stephen Parry, Tim Lake, ceramics.

Ele Pack, Mixed Media on Canvas.  Margaret Curtis, Peter Wills, Ceramics.

Debbie george, Acrylic on Gesso Panel.  Peter Wills, Ceramics.

Peter Wills, ceramics.  Debbie George, Acrylic on Gesso Panels.  Rachel Higgins, Sculpture.  John Lendis, Oil on Canvas.  Emma Clegg, Poreclain ceramics.

Ele Pack, Mixed Media on Canvas.  Margaret Curtis, Large Shino Vase.

Susan Laughton, Acrylic, Plaster on Linnen.  Stephen Parry, James hake, Margaret Curtis, ceramics.

Susan Laughton, Still Morning, Acrylic, Plaster on Canvas.

John Lendis, Autumn Foxes, Oil on Canvas (SOLD).  Tim Lake, Ceramics.

Ruth Winding, 24 Ct Gold gilded artworks, Oil.

The Stratford Gallery is pleased to announce its opening exhibition with a Private View to invited collectors on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th November and general viewing from Monday 28th November 2016.  The exhibition runs until December 19th 2016.

The gallery begins its schedule of exhibitions with a stunning blend of some of the UK's finest painters, ceramic artists and sculptors.  The exhibition sets the tone for an ongoing collection of original artworks for public enjoyment and collector acquisition.  The opening exhibition features etherial, narative paintings alongside the finest still life works, landscapes and contemporary interpretations of space and form.  


Ceramic art features heavily within this opening exhibition with some of the leading established artists displaying new works alongside emerging potters offering a selection of work unrivalled in the region.