In March 2017 Eddie Curtis showed his work in Munich in the exhibition titled ‘Modern Masters’ . Qualification for this event, a special crafts and applied arts exhibition featuring over 30 world renowned artists working in various disciplines, was that each artist should ‘stand for the aesthetics of our time’. Mastership was defined as having many origins: ‘the superior use of the material, functional finesse, technical precision, elegance of form, colour, humour and classic understatement.’   

Here at The Stratford Gallery we fully endorse and would like to celebrate this statement of achievement. We are delighted to show not only new and exciting work that Eddie is currently creating but also provide the unique opportunity of presenting some of his earlier works illustrating the complete journey of discovery and creativity since the inception of his work; now so well recognised as ‘The Blast Series’.

Howard & Emma Clegg, Directors, The Stratford Gallery