The Stratford Gallery is delighted to announce this important exhibition within the UK Ceramics calendar.

"Chawan" will be an exhibtion dedicated to the ceremonial tea bowl in all of it's modern and traditional interpretations paying homage to the revered form with works from over 35 global makers.  Confirmed exhibitors include Japanese potters Akiko Hirai, Kazuya Ishida, Rizu Takahashi, Masahiro Fujita, US potters Jeff Shapiro, Lucien M. Koonce, Mitch Iburg and Chris Gustin, UK potters include Lisa Hammond MBE, Jack Doherty, Margaret & Eddie Curtis with many more potters exhibiting from Australia and Continental Europe.

The exhibition seeks to provide the audience with a spectrum of interpretation of the tea bowl with makers preserving tradition and others exploring it's contemporary art potential.  The exhiibtion is being opened by Dr. Bonnie Kemske, renowned ceramics writer, artist and author of "The Tea Bowl - East & West".  Bonnie will be giving a pre-opening talk on the origins and contemporary interpretation of the tea bowl on November 17th, places are strictly limited, please contact the gallery for an invitation.

The opening of the exhibtion itself will take place on Saturday November 17th at 3:30pm.  Please contact the gallery for an invitation.

The show brings together globally renowned teaware makers along side established gallery potters who are offering their respect to the Chawan with new works. It will provide those with an established interest in Japanese tea wares a superb opportunity to view and buy outstanding works alongside a fascinating opportunity for those new to the world of the reverred vessel to better understand the ethos and aesthetic of the Chawan.

The exhibtion will run until December 5th 2018.

All enquiries to The Stratford Gallery on or on 01789 414400