Born in 1941, Rizü Takahashi's career stems from the mountainous Mizunami area of Japan, once part of the ancient Mino Province famed for its ceramic tradition stretching back centuries and in modern times home of the much revered Mizunami Museum of Ceramics.  In 2004 Rizü moved to France, bringing with him his decades of expert craftsmanship, kiln building and firing knowledge.


Rizü's work is celebrated globally, and his tea wares recognised as sublime examples of their type.  A tea Master himself, Rizü's Chawan echo traditions formed in the many centuries of the ritual's refinement, but also resound with progress in ideas and identity.  

Most recently, Rizü was invited to demonstrate the Japanese Tea Ceremony in his role as Tea Master at the Louvre, Paris.  His Chawan were awarded as the most prestigous prizes to the winners of 'Le Salon des Beaux Arts 2018' held at Carrousel du Louvre à Paris.  

Rizü's Chawan at the Stratford Gallery include astonishingly hollowed and carved Tama Zukuri pieces, fired over 5 days in an anagma kiln with natural ash glazing.  Their colour and form are exceptional examples of this traditional Japanese method of creating this iconic vessel.