Inspired by her Grandmother’s Willow Pattern collection, Rhian Malin continues the long historic tradition of hand-painting porcelain with cobalt-blue decoration. Her elegant wheel-thrown porcelain vessels are the chosen surface, created to stretch this tradition in to the 21st Century. 

The beauty of imperfection is explored through applying geometric patterns to deliberately distorted forms, challenging the inherent perfectionist Rhian is at heart. 

Taking a mathematical approach to applying each design, patterns are either projected onto vessels to accentuate their tactile, dimpled contours or divided up into eighths vertically to highlight their tapering forms.

Rhian is currently Artist in Residence at The Ceramic Studio in Warwickshire and has won support from the Crafts Council UK through their Hothouse Programme in 2016. 

An observer of Rhian's work is struck by its beauty, form and fineness of technical execution.  To then understand that the decoration on each piece is applied freehand deepens the attachment to her work ten fold.  Put a Rhian Malin bottle or ginger jar in your hand and you will want to own it.  The attachment to the familiar colour combination of cobalt and pristine white becomes fused with the talent so eagerly and remarkably demonstrated by her patient measured practice.  Rhian Malin is certainly setting a standard for emerging ceramicists, with her constant desire to challenge process and form, an intoxicating commitment to her art and humble approach to making, expect great things from this young maker in the years to come.