The Stratford Gallery is delighted to welcome Peter Hayes' new sculptural work to the gallery.  Peter is a hugely accomplished sculptor with significant private and public collections of his work all around the world.  His work is part of collections at the Brussells Museum of Modern Art and the Scottish National Gallery with additional public collections in London, USA, Canada and Germany.


Peter's work is a product of his global curiosity and skills and experince honed from studies and decades of practical application.  He trained in ceramics in the UK and Africa and his subsequent journies has seen him travel extensively thorugh Africa, India, Nepal and Japan always with the purpose of finding inspiration and local crafting skills.

Peter produces ceramic and bronze sculptures that are unmistakably his.  His ceramic pieces are fired in gas kilns slowly with the flames allowed to lick the surfaces of his creations producing a depth of colour and richness of texture.  Spending much of his year in India, Peter's bronzes are cast in his favoured Indian foundry, trusted by him for their ancient expertise and sympathetic handling of his work.