Award winning Wearing holds a Bachelors and Masters Degree in ceramics from the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff and is a full member of the Craft Potters Association.  Widely exhibited nationally and internationally and the subject of several solo exhibitions, Wearing’s work appears for the first time at The Stratford Gallery in their new exhibition “Journey”.

Wearing’s practice sees him creating hand built forms utilising both press moulding and hand coiling of clay to produce "canvases" for his earthly and organic feeling pieces.  As he explained to the gallery, “working in a city centre studio in Cardiff allows me to represent both an urban and naturalistic presence to my work”.  Indeed, his artistic offerings are rich with the representation of of his observations in nature and man’s effect on the environment.  

The pieces are adorned with 6 layers of glaze, each given the opportunity to find their own eventual placement and interaction with the others resulting in a deeply textured and intriguing surface.  The blistering of the glazes and their movement across the pieces are given footholds in the early making of the forms where Wearing deliberately leaves evidence of his interaction with the process.
Wonderful and careful upward brushing of the glazes across the pinched and kidneyed surface provides the firing process the opportunity to develop unconscious reflections of landscape and across the breadth of his work.  It is this phenomenon of his final pieces that most surprises the viewer, allow your gaze to fix upon the surface of Wearings forms for a minute or two and you will take your own journey and settle on a very personal destination of your own making.