These pieces were design to demonstrate the aesthetic differences in each piece of wood. This series were all taken from the same oak tree, but the variety is dramatic. The rippled texture turned into the exterior is the same on each box; but always works differently with the grain to accentuate its unique character. 
I use a screw on face plate to fix each piece to the lathe, the carved texture is where I sever this from the final object and has become a continuing feature in everything I make on this machine. 


Born 1988


Michael studied 3D Design at The University of Plymouth, graduating in 2011.


After a period working at a prestigious furniture studio in the Republic of Ireland, he now lives and works in Knutsford, Cheshire; his home town.


The task of creating something new, unexpected or surprising through his exploration of material and process is the continuing theme within each of the pieces he makes. The majority are realised in oak as the primary material; its resilient characteristics combined with its ever changing aesthetic make it a reliable partner in most scenarios.   


Although the objects are built around forms that are clearly functional, this isn’t seen as either an objective or reason to create.  After a period of being focused on making furniture with unusual construction techniques, he is now spending most of his time on the lathe.


“I enjoy the heavy personal involvement with each piece that wood turning requires, continually responding the nature of the material. A large portion of my time is focused on ensuring a high quality finish. I use simple, refined forms and work in partnership with the wood and its unique character to create the finished piece.”

Michael’s aesthetic draws influence from a lifelong interest in inventing, engineering and making; an interest that has always been encouraged by the industrial landscapes of Northern England near to where he grew up.