John trained in fine art at the Ruskin School of Art in the Early 80s for which he earned a distinction for his painting.  He has been widely exhibited in the UK, US and Scandinavia and his work is held in public and significant private collections.  His career has seen him traverse from practising artist through senior art direction for Sony and Warner Brothers back to full time painting in the last15 years.

John is a deep thinker constantly analysing what reality means.  Preferring not to believe in the obvious and accepted version of reality as observable imagery as unquestioned sensory inputs but rather an expanded view of what we see being combined with what we feel and remember.  John often describes his work as "monumentalising" experiences.  Visually producing secenes that seek to represent a truer sense of reality than physical reflection of observation - combining unconscious rememberence of emotions past, feeling felt, longings current but within our older, experienced and sometimes invisble present.  His paintings are skillful, playful and poingant and ask us to question our associations with what makes us real.