Hannah's work is inspired by the natural world; the rugged Cornish coast to the relative serenity of the Somerset levels, all of which provide a wealth of artistic opportunity, creative interpretation and expression.

Each of her pieces derives from a plein air sketch done in oil, charcoal or mixed media that aims to record basic shape, tone, light and any striking features of landscape as well as including additional notes on time of day, weather and anything else that may be relevant. These sketches are always the starting point for larger studio work.

The main area of focus in her work is on mark making and tone to create a sense of depth. Landscapes are full of shape, texture, energy and it is important that these elements are captured and conveyed in both her studio sketches and paintings. To Hannah there is nothing uniform about the natural world; weather changes in an instant without warning, the sea moves from tranquil to turbulent, a blue sky suddenly fills with dense grey cloud and an earthy petrichor fills the air; the semi abstract nature of each piece is really a nod to the asymmetry and the unexpected.

Each work aims to evoke a sense of place, whilst allowing plenty of room for personal interpretation.