Emma gained her fine art training at the much respected painting degree course at Brighton in the early 90s.  

At the time she was deeply moved by the richness and depth of the work of Mark Rothko and this is still evident in her work today.  Whilst she produces work that clearly has a figurative and narrative presentation, her technical approach to painting produces shape, balance, depth and deeply considered compositions.


The multiple layers of oil paint, almost burnished in her finished works, certainly nods to a clear and patient understanding of the medium and those early influences.

Emma's work sometimes tells a personal story, a narrative of family, an internal mood or feeling and sometimes creates an imagined scene for the viewer to interpret.  Works such as "Take Care" and "In her thoughts" offer a deeply emotional response from the viewer, stirring primitive emotions of self and love, all her works emanate peace and stillness, begging the viewer to rest, slow down and be still.  

Emma's combination of technical skill, her paintings each take months to complete, and meaningful attachment to subject, produce works that posses an eternal sense of place and meaning.

Today Emma works from her studio in Muswell Hill, London.