Chiu-i Wu is a Taiwanese artist living in the UK.  Chiu-i's work is the product of a curious mind that has been active since childhood always dreaming and drawing, the source for her sensitive, playful and exquisite sculptural forms.  Her subjects are all from imagination and from the piles of sketchbooks she has about her in her studio.  Growing up in Taiwan amongst Taiwanese and Chinese cultural influences, her work speaks of legend, family, peace and mischief.  There is no contrived sentiment in Chiu-i's work, it is, as she describes, purely from the heart, a flow of ideas and imagined attachments to them.  

All handbuilt from coils of stoneware clay, Chiu-i's sculptural pieces are a labour of techincal excellence producing work that could easily be mistaken for stone carvings or bronzes in her oxide pieces.  Playful mischievery and calm, contemplative work taps into very genuine, joyful, human emotion and the gallery is plesed to exhibit her work in this area for the first time.  

Chiu-i lives and works near York and has been widely exhibited in both the UK and her native Taiwan.